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Home Based Business Advice

 by Michele Miller

You have a dream for having your own business, but ... fear to start? One of the reason that holding you back is the risk of loosing your money. One of the best way to reduce your risk is start small, from your home.

Marketing Your Business Effectively

by Wendy Hearn (Business Coach)

A quick and simple guide to take charge of your marketing.

Either you just starting your business or you have an existing business, this e-book gives you ideas how to market your products or services effectively. Easy to understand as Wendy wrote it based on her own experiences.

Excerpts from Visualize and Achieve

by Remez Sasson

Visualize and Achieving is about creating and attracting success into your life. It is about the power of creative visualization and the law of attraction.


Mind Your Mind

by Remez Sasson

This e-book contains articles about the powers of the mind and the power of thoughts, and how to use them for achieving success. You will also find here articles about peace of mind and how to attain it.